Wednesday, May 4

Where were you when we were s**t?

Not sure about David Sullivan's reasons for missing the Man City game. He said: "Watching our poor away performances week after week, and not having the ability to influence things, has impacted on us. My family think I'm mad devoting so much time and money to the club and, as the match was on TV, I decided to watch it on TV.We couldn't influence the result, we donated the cost of a private plane to a charity for terminally ill children, we thought that would do more good.

"Had it not been on TV we would have been there. None of us draw any salary or expenses from West Ham United. We are not £20,000-£60,000-a-week footballers. We only took 1,100 supporters. Like us, the bulk of the West Ham United supporters preferred to watch it on TV. We'll be at Wigan, as will 4,500 supporters."

Doesn't sound that much of a hardship to get there if you have a private jet on standby. Yes, we're grateful for Dave's money and owners don't always attend away games, but what sort of message does it send to the players when the owners — who claim to be hardcore fans — don't attend one of our most crucial matches of the season?


Jay Douglas said...

I agree partly but i'd hardly say it was one of our most crucial fixtures i think the majority saw this one as a foregone conclusion with the next 3 as the vital ones.

Great blog though, I'll be bookmarking.

Pete May said...

Cheers Jay. We all thought we'd lose this one, but you expect the owners to show some optimism, Still, at least that charity did well out DS.