Tuesday, May 17

Making a dog's dinner of it

Not since Hayden Foxe urinated in a pot plant at the Hammers Christmas party at Sugar Reef in 2001 has there been a more shambolic WHU function.

Our end of season gala dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel ended with the police being called after a fight broke-out. According to the papers it all stemmed from Demba Ba claiming to be "too tired" to sign an autograph for a fan. Demba denies this on Twitter. Press reports claim this didn't go down well with the £275-a-head punter and a melee ensued, with allegations of racial insults aimed at Ba (not excusable) and fans kicking over vases and running into Park Lane after causing the aggro, with David Sullivan appealing for calm.

Presumably our next end of season gala will be held on the Titanic.


matt said...

Strangely the club website calls the event a roaring success and a very positive evening and doesn't mention the violence and racist abuse.

It makes you nostalgic for the days when Razor Ruddock and Trevor Sinclair were arrested for rolling over a Mini after a 70s fancy dress night at Secrets nightclub in Romford.

Pete May said...

Kevin Keen today says it was all over in 20 seconds. Which doesn't explain why the police were called and vases smashed. Seems like Ba did sign the autograph though.

matt said...

This is Demba's view....


Typical WHU own goal - some racist scumbag manages to alienate the only real success among last year's signings and ensures he will want to leave. The Club needs to do much more on racism, including the Spurs song and some of the abuse Grant was getting.