Friday, May 6

Anyone but Neil Warnock

Yesterday's Guardian speculates that the Irons have drawn up a list of managers to replace Avram.

Martin O'Neil would be fine but unlikely, while the paper lists Slaven Bilic (not a bad choice), Paul Lambert (very unlikely to quit Norwich), Chris Hughton (has won the Championship with Newcastle)and Ian Holloway (would give better quotes than AG and can motivate players).

But as for Neil Warnock, who worked with Karren Brady's husband, Paul Peschisolido — I said NO! NO! NO! It would be the most inappropriate appointment since Roy Hodgson found himself unwelcome at Liverpool and Sam Allardyce alienated the fans at Newcastle. Wrong man at the wrong club.


Jay Douglas said...

Hahaha yeah I feel the same, although recently seeing the softer side of Warnock and realising that he isn't the permanently miserable git who will blame anyone but himself for the misfortunes that befall him... I have to admit I don't hate him as much as I did.

My main problem with the rumour is that I just can't see Warnock leaving/being forced to leave QPR he did an amazing job with them this season and the fans love him. For the same reason I can't see Holloway leaving Blackpool so that really leaves Bilic (seems like a hope too far for me) or Hughton who I think is the most likely choice SHOULD we get relegated. If we stay up I can see O'Neil possibly getting his name back in there but Sullivan and Gold need to learn to keep their mouths shut as I can't see O'Neil taking their criticisms in public the way Grant has with such dignity.

Anyway there's a dodgy few weeks coming up and I'm sure things will become clearer after the dust has settled but should the worst happen (we get relegated and the QPR board commit support suicide and axe Warnock freeing him to stumble into the managers box at The Boleyn) I couldn't feel too bad knowing we'd taken on a manager with one of the best records of securing promotion.

Still, we've got three games to avoid this outcome so I'd really rather not think about it too much/at all/ever again.

Pete May said...

Warnock does have a great record at getting promoted, although after his complains about Tevezgate it would be hard to see him at Upton Park and as you say, why would he leave QPR? Holloway says he won't leave Blackpool too.

Our best hope is Martin O'Neil fancies a Clough-like challenge of restoring an indebted club to glory…