Thursday, May 26

Me and Mr Jones

Is Dave Jones a man to fire up the fans? He's mentioned in most papers as our main target.

Yes, he's a decent man and manager, with a good record of getting Stockport promoted to the Championship and an FA Cup semi-final. He kept Southampton up and took Wolves into the Premiership, before getting relegated again. At Cardiff he reached the FA Cup Final and lost a play-off final last year and a play-off semi final this season, while working on very little money.

So yes, he's clearly good at working with limited resources, but there's also a lot of near misses.

He's good, and has done more in the English game than Grant, but surely not the talismanic manager we need to get bums on seats and ensure promotion.


jim wicks said...

I agree that Dave Jones is a decent
and honest hard working manager but
he will not inspire the fans into the
stadium. For that you will need a
former player and legend to be involved
I would suggest Chris Houghton with
Julian Dicks as his assistant, that
will put "bums on seats"

matt said...

"surely not the talismanic manager we need to get bums on seats and ensure promotion"

I'll be renewing my season ticket regardless of who the new manager is. And who are you calling a bum? I find that quite offensive...

Adrian said...

Mixed feelings at Wolves. He is well thought of because he took us up to the Premier League however he couldn't keep us up (many blame the board for not investing sufficiently that season). As for having him as manager of my club now, I would say no.

There are more exciting prospects out there. What about Mr Poyet at Brighton - or does the Chelsea connection rule him out?

Pete May said...

I agree Adrian, think an up and coming manager is best if no names will come to Upton Park. Or even Chris Hughton who has won the Championship...