Tuesday, May 17

Lost on the training ground

So our training was rubbish. Interesting piece from Henry Winter in the Daily Telegraph today. He writes:

Players like strong, decisive managers who inspire them with good training sessions, intelligent tactics and rousing words. That patently did not happen with the sorrow-filled Grant. West Ham’s season was lost at much at Chadwell Heath as Upton Park.

The club’s co-owner, David Gold, told Sky yesterday of how he found only “professionalism’’ on visiting their training ground, a view that contrasted with BBC’s Lee Dixon. He saw only “shambles”.

As West Ham headed towards the rocks, further evidence of Grant’s slack hand on the tiller was supplied by the distinguished London-based correspondent of Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Raphael Honigstein reported that a West Ham midfielder asked Grant an important question before the Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge on April 23: “Are we supposed to press on Essien and Lampard or sit?” Grant allegedly replied: “You have to work that out yourselves on the pitch.” West Ham were swept aside 3-0.

Admittedly Brian Clough didn't coach either, but then he won trophies. And if Grant wasn't up to day to day coaching what was Wally Downes doing?

Meanwhile David Sullivan has finally admitted: "Avram is a lovely person but the results sadly speak for themselves that it was a bad selection by the board."


matt said...

You would need Sherlock Holmes to work out which West Ham midfielder spoke to Raphael Honigstein, the distinguished London correspondent of German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. Mark Noble, Scotty Parker, Thomas Hitzlsperger? It is beyond me!

Pete May said...

I hear Freddie Sears is very good at languages...