Friday, May 20

Where did it all go wrong?

Every paper has had their say on where it all went wrong for WHU this week. Where do you start? I’d say it stems from:

Terry Brown selling out to the Icelandic bankers (Brown wouldn’t have panicked and sacked Pardew).

Purchasing Tevez and Mascherano from Daley and McCann Imports and Exports (SA Division)

Dean Ashton’s injury – he’d still be banging in goals for us now.

Sacking Pardew months after he’d got us to the FA Cup final and finished ninth.

Curbishley buying Ljungberg and Dyer on nearly 200k a week combined, when he had Solano on a free transfer who was a better player.

Selling George McCartney and forcing Curbishley to walk.

Wasting £9 million of the Bellamy money on Savio, an act of incredible stupidity.

Selling Matthew Etherington rather than tackling his gambling addiction in-house.

Pleading guilty to the Tevez charges, which left the door open to Sheffield United to sue us.

Not keeping Lucas Neill.

Selling James Collins,

Signing Big Fat Benni as a panic measure and wasting £5m in fees and salary on a player who scored no goals.

Publicly undermining Zola and then sacking him in a very crass way by accusing him of misconduct.

Appointing Avram Grant.

Buying Barrera and Reid on the strength of a good World Cup.

Leaking the Martin O’Neill approach without first sacking Grant.

Apart from that, everything’s gone quite well…


matt said...

Can I add whoever it was at the Club who narked off unloveable buffoon Boris Johnson so much that he decided to close all the Tube lines and stations for every home game? I'm not saying it contributed to our relegation, but it is well annoying.

PS - Di Canio has got the Swindon Town job - you read it here first (if you missed it on BBC Wiltshire Radio). said...

Very well researched article!
Any clues as to why Brooking didn't have a hoot these last few months
or did I miss it?

Pete May said...

Not sure what a hoot is! Trev did a good job as caretaker but has always said he doesn't want to manage full-time. And don't think he'd be keen on working with the current owners.

Interesting how other WHU legends such as Geoff Hurst and Tony Cottee have been openly critical of Grant. Sir Trev probably feels the same I should think.