Wednesday, May 18

Avram, you blew it

Today's Guardian has "sources close to Avram Grant" claiming that he wasn't backed up with enough cash. It claims that the board refused to go above £6 million for Yakubu when Everton wanted £10 million and would only bid £2.5m for Marc Wilson. Don't think he has a case here as Yakubu was wildly overpriced and being Brassic we have to drive hard bargains for the likes of Wilson, which AG knew when taking the job. And he was allowed to spend £4m on Barrera and £3m on Reid, both a huge waste of resources, and sign Hitzlsperger on 45k a week.

Yes, he was fatally and shamefully undermined by the owners in the Martin O'Neil fiasco and the players are to blame too, but he was given Keane, Ba, O'Neil and Bridge on 90k a week during the transfer window. More than enough talent there to keep us up.

Look at what Martinez, Holloway and McCarthy have spent and you'll realise how much more we've squandered than our rivals.


Daniel Speller said...

Totally agree. Spent 4mill on Barerra and only played him from the start six times in thirty eight games. No goals - obviously not the prospect he was promised.

Pete May said...

Always a mistake buying players on the basis of a good World cup. We learned that from Two Bob Florin Raducioiu!