Tuesday, February 28

Sporting reception for Zarate from West Ham fans

Sad to hear that Watford's Mauro Zarate will be out for a lengthy spell after damaging his cruciate ligament on Saturday. The former Hammer was impressive for the first half hour and when he took a corner in front of the West Ham fans he even received a chant of "Oh, Mauro Zarate!" (to the tune of Seven Nation Army). When Zarate was carried off he again received applause from all sides of the ground. We'll gloss over the soft penalty he won in the second minute. I'd have liked to see him stay last season as he was more use than Emenike and in a lengthy interview in the Watford programme Zarate (whose father and grandfather also played professional football)  hints it might have beeb a mistake to leave WHU: "My relationship with Slaven was very good but in that moment i needed something different. Maybe it was the wrong decision, we'll never know."


Rob Graham said...

One can only sympathise with the poor lad and he certainly knows where the goal is, although was a little selfish when he played with us, Antonio is much better and improves everyone around him.
Kayoute was clumsy but Zarate went down as if hit by a .22 rifle!!
Hopefully Carroll is back foe Chelsea or it could be a very strange game with attacks running out of ideas around Chelsea's box, and then counter attacks that yield goals most of the time.
Anyway at least its on the telly so I can suffer in isolation, COYI

Pete May said...

Zarate could be terribly selfish, but he had ability too. Agree Antonio better and syringe though. Just hope Chelsea is better than the Man City games and not over by half-time!