Thursday, February 9

Goodbye to Boleyn reviewed in Newham Recorder

Thanks to Dave Evans of the Newham Recorder for his very positive review of Goodbye To Boleyn. He comments:  "There have been plenty of books on West Ham’s final season at Upton Park and the move to the London Stadium, but maybe none as poignant as Pete May’s ‘Goodbye to Boleyn’… Things change, but West Ham fans do not and this must-buy book for fans is the perfect example of that." Plus the Recorder feature has pictures of Ken's Cafe and the Newham Bookshop. Click on the link to read the compete review.


supernumbersix said...

Too soon.
If previous writing is anything to go by I'm sure it's an excellent read
but I need more time to to pass to feel a bit more 'healed' before I can read this without sobbing uncontrollably.

A few good wins at 'home' will help speed up the process of course.

Pete May said...

Yes, all a bit emotional still. The Palace game helped but need to do it regularly to create an atmosphere at the new gaff.