Saturday, February 11

Danny Dyer in a claret and blue Tardis?

Wanna ride in my Tardis, babes? Quite a week for West Ham trivia. First Slaven Bilic was spotted at a Green Day concert (clearly he doesn't want to be an American Idiot) and then Hammers fan and uber geezer Danny Dyer announced that he'd be up for the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who. Danny wouldn't be the first Doctor Who character to support West Ham; in Series 4 Donna Noble (Mark's big sister?) informed David Tennant that she learned to whistle "up West Ham." Presumably Danny would play the Doctor in the style of the ICF, threatening to front up that moody geezer the Master (except he's now a moody Missy), taking on the Dalek mob on Green Street and giving the Zygons a slap round the back of the Queen Elizabeth Park. And he's already tackled Mourinho, quipping "alright sunshine?' when the then-Chelsea boss was sent off, so dealing with Davros should be pretty easy.

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