Wednesday, February 15

Save the World Cup statue for Upton Park

Clyde Best backs the statue campaign
It's not too late to sign the petition to have the Moore, Hurst and Peters World Cup statue listed by Historic England and kept at Upton Park. To sign the Save Our Statue petition click on the link here

Councillor Veronica Oakeshott is running a campaign to keep the statue at Upton Park, while West Ham seek to have it moved to the London Stadium at Stratford. A forthcoming Newham Council meeting will ultimately decide its fate.

Local MPs Stephen Timms and Mike Gapes support the campaign and former-West Ham star Clyde Best (one of the first black players in Britain) lent his backing to keeping the statue where it is during his recent signing at the Newham Bookshop. Moore, Hurst and Peters achieved their feats at the Boleyn Ground and that's surely where it should stay. If the club really want a similar statue in place at Stratford then they could commission a copy. 


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can sign a petition to get it moved to a place where a lot more fans can see it? It sould be in a place like'''' STRATFORD! where home and away fans will see it. Stuck at Upton Park means just a few locals see it and it means nothing to most of them.

Pete May said...

There's no reason why a new statue can't be made for Stratford - club have lenity of PL TV cash. As the trio won the World Cup while based at Upton Park I think it's fair it remains there as a piece of local history