Tuesday, February 21

Scott Hogan carried off and yet to score for Villa

Scott Hogan was carried off for Aston Villa during their 2-0 defeat at Newcastle last night and could face a lengthy lay-off. The former Hammers target is clearly a good prospect, but so far he hasn't pulled up any trees for Villa. Since signing from Brentford at the end of the window he's played in four defeats against Nottingham Forest, Ipswich, Barnsley and Newcastle and has yet to score. That's not to say he's a bad player, but it's unlikely he would have started scoring instantly in the Premiership if he's having problems at Villa in the Championship. His two previous cruciate ligament injuries also suggested his signing might have been a gamble and we can perhaps understand why Bilic thought £15 million was too much to pay.


Rob Graham said...

I watched that game and thought he was quick and enthusiastic but along way off the solution to our striker problems and then when the poor guy was stretchered off, I heard the crystal whiskey tumbler falling at chez Sullivan, and I live in Dublin!

Pete May said...

Hope he's not too badly hurt, but WHU would have been a big jump up from the Championship. And after Carroll's problems we need someone who stays fit..