Thursday, February 16

Boom time for Slaven

Slaven Bilic has escaped with an £8000 fine for throwing down a TV microphone boom against West Brom. There was a chance he could have received a stadium ban but presumably the FA gave him some credit for innovation. It's all very well for Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger to kick water bottles, but Bilic had to show real initiative to find a new inanimate object to trash. There's not too much to grab at the London Stadium and he'd have had to replicate a Usain Bolt sprint to get to the touchline hoardings to give them a good kicking. So credit to Slav for grabbing a provocative furry microphone. 

The FA's decision also has the advanage of further annoying Jose Mourinho who was given a touchline ban after theatrically kicking a water bottle against the Hammers in December. West Ham's assistant manager Nikola Jurcevic also received an £8000 fine for getting stroppy with the lino. Presumably both Nikola and Slav are now receiving anger management classes from Julian Dicks. 

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