Thursday, September 15

Mr Moon Has Left The Stadium

The Newham Bookshop tells me that Jeremy Nicholas' new book Mr Moon Has Left The Stadium (Biteback) is selling well. Haven't read it yet, but the man is something of a national treasure at Upton Park.

Jem was once admonished by Brian Clough for not wearing a tie and also partakes of luncheon in Ken's Cafe, which makes him a top geezer. And as comic Phil Whelans says in the blurb: "As West Ham announcer Jeremy has had to deliver more bad news than Kate Adie". It's also available on Amazon and looks well worth a read...


matt said...

I remember in the Great Escape season he would yell at the end of games: "We go above Sheffield United, We go above Wigan...!" Obviously he couldn't do that last season as we didn't go above anyone. After people have read Jeremy's book, if they are hungry for more Hammers-related stuff, there are other quality publications available. Was it Irons in My Heart, and Hammers in the Soul, for instance?

Pete May said...

Yes, I would recommend them heartily!

Hopefully Jeremy's book might reveal who Mr Moon is too... it's all a bit Reservoir Dogs at the moment.