Friday, September 16

Irons in the Dom-Toms

More unlikely literary mentions of West Ham. On page 180 of Rosie Millard's new book, Bonnes-Vacances, (Summersdale) the story of a chaotic but fascinating family trip to the French Territories, we read of Millard's trip to watch turtle eggs hatching in French Guiana (a sliver of South America next to Brazil):

"The probability of us standing beside a hillock when hatchlings actually start swarming out of it is about as likely as West Ham winning this year's league I say to Pip (an armchair Hammers fan). Still, we wait and we walk with hope in our hearts."

They never do see those hatching turtles. Maybe Rosie should return this season as the odds of West Ham winning the league and inspiring a mass hatching might be a little better.

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