Tuesday, September 27

Big Brother at the Palace

The Crystal Palace away game is sold out and any fans trying to get tickets through Palace should beware. My mate Gav, who lives in Charlton, phoned up and booked two tickets. An hour later he was phoned back and told that his purchase had been refunded as he was on record as having bought tickets at West Ham.

Now Gav is a football connoisseur in his late 40s - and a very unlikely member of the ICF. Surely there should be some method of differentiating between fans who want to see the game and can help out Palace's finances, and those with convictions for hooliganism?

And what about floating fans? Buy a ticket at one ground and it seems you're forever banned from several others.


matt said...

Blimey, is there some huge database somewhere that shows every ticket we have ever bought? Nigel has been to 90 grounds, so how did he slip through the net? I agree the Gav is an unlikely troublemaker - but didn't he once almost get refused admission to an away match cos he was carrying a tin of peaches?

Pete May said...

Peaches can be lethal weapons according to Monty Python.

Yes, it does seem we're being watched and presumably Nigel might be banned from everywhere except Barnsley.