Thursday, September 22

Dave's dosh

Reading Karren Brady's column in the Portsmouth programme, I'm not sure about some of the figures. She writes: "This summer alone David Sullivan and David Gold have put an extra £13.5 million in to the club. In addition they will inject £2.5m to £3m every month of the season to make up the £40 million required over the 12-month period."

Let's assume the initial £13.5 million was for the Tevez debts, etc. If they then put in £3m a month for a year then that means they'll have put in £36 million. Yet the parachute payment for the first year of relegation is now £16 million, meaning we have a shortfall of £24 million after relegation, not £40 million. Yes, we're all grateful they're putting the money in, but these figures don't seem to add up. Our wage bill should also be down after the summer departure of Dyer, Upson, Parker and co. Can anyone explain this?


matt said...

Off topic rant coming up - looks like the Brighton game has been switched to the Monday night, AFTER priority point applications went in. Why should the evil phonetapping Murdoch empire be allowed to screw us fans around like this?

Pete May said...

They should do refunds, I agree. Maybe worth contacting the ticket office?