Saturday, May 6

Tottenham Hotspur, it's happened again…

Winston and Ginge keep Spurs in their pockets
West Ham 1 Spurs 0

The concourse is full of fans shouting “Irons!” and there's no mistaking the mood of expectation, bouyed by Irons ale. Our team tonight is Fraser, Michael, Lisa and a tardy Nigel, who has been delayed speculating if West Ham can hold on to London East. He arrives to find himself next to a tourist fan wearing a half and half scarf. Wonder if they do them for West Ham and Millwall? 

Alison’s away on a hen night not watching the Chippendales and is replaced by sociologist turned student landlady Roz, who sensibly declares what great seats we have. Scott’s got a bet on Lanzini to score in a 1-0 win after 58 minutes that will win him £5000. While Matt’s had to work and is watching in a boozer with lots of Spurs fans.

From the kick-off the Hammers appear up for it against Spurs as tackles clatter in from both sides. It’s a surprise that it’s 19 minutes before we hear “get up you tart!" from the gentleman behind us.

Ayew plays in Lanzini for an early shot that he fires wide, but the signs are promising, as Kouyate and Noble out-muscle Spurs in midfield. Though Noble is lucky to only to get a yellow for one lunge, The key moment comes after 25 minutes, when West Ham repel three Spurs shots. Adrian Spills Kane’s shot, Fonte makes a brilliant block as the ball falls to Alli and then Adrian tips away Kane’s effort with his foot.

After that Lloris takes out Lanzini on the edge of the box and Kouyate shoots wide from the rebound. Bizarrely the ref doesn’t punish the Spurs keeper.

West Ham gain a lot of belief in the second half. Adrian has to save from Son, but it’s still tight as Ayew shoots over. The 58th minute comes and goes without Scott wining his five grand. But Lanzini does oblige seven minutes later. Cresswell plays in a cross, Ayew scuffs it off a defender and the ball falls to Lanzini, who gleefully shoots home. Manuel runs to the corner and is enveloped by fans and players as a hoarding collapses. As the ground celebrates paramedics rush to help prostrate fans. Lucky Andy Carroll isn’t playing as he might have become the first WHU player to meet his demise thanks to a hoarding.

West Ham’s three centre backs look really solid with Ginge making several heroic clearances as he channels Gandalf minus staff. Calleri almost makes it two after winning the ball from Alderweireld, as his effort is tipped away by Lloris.

“Come on you Irons!”, Bubbles and “Tottenham Hotspur, it’s happened again!” echo around a ground that suddenly feels like Upton Park under the lights. Many thousands of people seem to be considering having a party when Tottenham effed it up.

You know we’re probably playing in a parallel universe when Calleri, who has given Alderweireld and Vertongen a real battle, goes off and receives a standing ovation.

There’s still time for Fletcher, on as a late sub to get through only to see his effort deflected wide. The final whistle blows after five nervy minutes and the London Stadium erupts. Finally we have that big scalp and Bilic has silenced any doubts about his position. We’re not only staying up, West Ham go up to ninth, and might be making a late charge for the title.

For the first time ever there’s a chorus of Bubbles on the Overground from Hackney Wick and chants of “Irons!” at Highbury and Islington tube. Strange days indeed.

PLAYER RATINGS: Adrian 7; Byram 7, Reid 7, Collins 8, Fonte 7, Cresswell 7; Noble 7, Kouyate 8, Lanzini 8 (Fernandes n/a); Ayew 7 (Snodgrass 6), Calleri 7 (Fletcher n/a).


Anonymous said...

WHU played very well . The keeper is key but why has it taken this long to change the keeper . A sound keeper builds confidence all round . Spurs were always going to struggle to win 13 consecutive games and even then Chelsea were in control of the title .

Anonymous said...

I remember these days. Languishing in mid-table, not competing for anything, but getting immense satisfaction from seeing our more bigger, better and higher placed rivals falter. I wonder if West Ham will ever amount to anything, other than average team who give it their all for one game a season. Seems to be enough for your fans, so I guess not. Well played yesterday.

Adrian Gordon said...
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Pete May said...

So no hard feelings then Mr Pochettino…

Anonymous said...

Great article and well written. Nice to see the Spuds trolls won't let it go :) One week ago Arsenal are bottlers and they are giving it large, then a week later their whole world implodes and Rachel Riley is Hitler's love child. Every spud crying it's not fair blah blah blah. I couldn't care less about the bottlers as this isn't the first time they've done it is it? West Ham may never amount to anything, it doesn't bother us. We enjoy our football, we like a good day out and we don't whinge like 99% of the North London fans. Very Poor support. Good luck with Wembley and your new stadium and there's always next year, that could be Spuds new motto. Let's hope you play us early in the season at the LS so you don't have to worry about bottling it again. Echo the write up, great game, great atmosphere for once, and great result, but it's just another game Spurs fans, really you ain't that important. Roll on Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

What the f*** are you on about poor support? you lot said nothing for nearly an hour!!
Crap stadium, appalling organisation after the game, pity you lot can only sing that "crap" bubbles song and couldn't fill your stadium for your "cup final"
As for bottling it ?? 9 wins in a row ??!!!Bet you lot wish you could "bottle" it like that!
There is only one real rivalry in London for us and it certainly aint with you lot!!

mj said...

Back 3 or 5 were great, midfield bossed it. Seems Tottenham can't accept their superstars hardly got a kick. Hope they enjoy the wide open spaces of Wembley next season, terrible journey, appalling getting out at the end of the game..

Pete May said...

Some Spurs fans just can't let it go it seems… as Chas and Dave might put it: Gertcha!