Friday, May 12

Antonio signs, Nobes out

Good news that Antonio has finally signed his new contract and on the past two seasons' form he deserves his £70,000 a week. Part of the deal seems to be that Antonio is allowed to do some more silly dance moves in a special WHU video to mark the occasion. He comes across as quite a character and after seeing the compilation of his greatest goal celebrations you do wonder if he might have a career in movies as a Jim Carrey-like figure once he ends his career. 

Though I'm still not quite sure how Antonio and Ayew fit into the same side when they both play similar roles. But building a team around Antonio and Lanzini seems a pretty good start for next season.

Meanwhile it's also been revealed that Mark Noble is having an abdominal operation and will miss the last two games. Typically Nobes has played while in pain without anyone knowing in order to help the club. With Kouyate also having an operation on his long-standing wrist injury, West Ham could be pretty thin in midfield against Liverpool on Sunday.


matt said...

Best take your boots, in case Slav is thinking of playing a no nonsense centre half in midfield. I am shocked - shocked - to discover that West Ham's crack medical team have a player out injured. Nobes, Cheikhou, Antonio, AC, Diafra, Tore, Ogbonna, Masuaki, Arbeloa...Do you think they get paid by the injury? And would you trust them to keep Sturridge fit for more than a nanosecond?

Pete May said...

You missed out Obiang! It's a whole team...