Wednesday, May 10

Mr Moon has left the stadium

Well, it's one year since Bobby Moore turned out the floodlights and Mr Moon left the Boleyn Ground for the last time. That season was the subject of my book Goodbye to Boleyn (see right) and in many ways it seems much longer since West Ham left Upton Park and Michael the Whovian dyed his hair claret and blue. 

Since then we've seen dodgy green carpet, aggro against Chelsea, iffy stewarding, popcorn, Antonio at right back, Zaza failing to hit a cow's backside with a banjo, Dimitri Payet going on strike, Man City and Arsenal putting five past us, Andy Carroll scoring that sensational bicycle kick, a near-relegation struggle and ultimately the fans proving that they can be noisier than at Upton Park in the epic win against Spurs. 

It was a year ago today that we were racing for the last tube from East Ham in the manner of the fall of Saigon. There are probably still bemused and heavily-bearded Hammers fans wandering the streets of Upton Park refusing to believe the 2015-16 season is over. Boleyn, we won't forget you.


Anonymous said...

Great post as ever Pete

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mj said...

I've still got me t- shirt and the wrist band still lights up - just about

Pete May said...

Quality merchandise MJ!