Monday, January 2

Wherefore art thou Savio?

Today's Guardian includes Savio in a list of the worst ever transfer window signings, so look away now if you're of a sensitive disposition. In case you'd forgotten, in 2009 West Ham paid Brescia a whopping £9 million for 19-year-old Savio Nsereko. He only played for half a season and his sole contribution was crossing for Jack Collison to score against Man City. He wasn't even the striker we needed, more a lightweight and not very wide player. Savio was offloaded to Fiorentina at a loss of £6 million and never played for them after suffering "personal problems". His loan spells included a spell at 1860 Munich where he went missing for a week before being found in his sister's house. He was last heard of at Lithuanian side FK Lietava Jonava. Surely one of the biggest wastes of money in West Ham's history. Click on the link to read the complete list of terrible signings.

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