Tuesday, January 31

Andy Carroll feels the love from WHU fans

A good interview with Andy Carroll talking to Jamie Redknapp in the Daily Mail today. He speaks about how the Payet sulk has sparked the lads and of "feeling the fans" when the London Stadium finally came to life in the Palace game. It's interesting that the players noted the change of atmosphere: "After that game, we were all talking about 'feeling the fans'. There wasn't so much of a connection at the new stadium. It's been tough but we felt that was a game when we all came together. We were talking about the noise they made. We were buzzing about it."

Andy also reveals that he doesn't like watching football on TV and that he's no longer having a party: "In the past I was a big drinker, I have been tarnished with that and I don't enjoy that.  That is the old me. I have regrets looking back. Maybe it would have helped me avoid injuries." 

At 28 he seems to be a more mature character, staying in to watch crap TV and training professionally. You also feel sorry for him when he says he never really wanted to leave his home-town club of Newcastle for Liverpool, although he now feels much more at home with the Hammers. Click on the link to read the complete interview.

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