Friday, January 13

Dimitri Payet: You've lost that loving feeling

Back in February 2016 Dimitri Payet was interviewed on BT Sport. He said of his relationship with the West Ham fans: "It was very quick, after just a few months. They took the time to know me as I did them. It gave me a lot of confidence… I felt they they trusted me and were showing it by supporting me all the time. Today I often say, it is a love story. It's the first time in my career I have a song with my name. For me it's a love story." He described being close to tears at the reception upon his return against Liverpool and said, "I think it amplified even more my love story with the fans." 

Today it's a case of, to quote the Stranglers, "Oui, c'est la folie." 

Slaven Bilic certainly looked hurt, having protected Payet this season and celebrated on the table when he scored for France last summer. Now Payet is on a love strike and playing away on football's equivalent of Tinder.

I think we'll see a big reaction from the players against Palace as they try to prove they don't need Payet. Perversely, it could be what WHU need to play as a team rather than a group of disparate signings.


PT said...

I know Payet has behaved disgracefully but I honestly don't get too upset by it. Ever since Ince, Defoe, Parker (insisting on Spurs-anywhere else would have been ok) left us I know that no player will be loyal to the club. I just don't expect it.

Pete May said...

You're right. And Tevez too went as soon as Man United came in...