Thursday, January 19

Away daze

It's proving very difficult to get away tickets these days. Just missed out on Watford tickets because you needed 13 priority points. And there are a huge amount of times to factor in now. Depending on your points and status there were 17 different times to apply listed in the programme and if a group of you want to apply you are limited by the person with the lowest points. Stephen Hawking might struggle with some of the combinations. There are a lot more fans now and Watford is a low capacity, but you do wonder if first come first served for season ticket holders (or those over say five or six points) might be easier, followed by a general sale. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The priority points system rewards people who have traveled the country for years supporting the team, that is why there is an o rdear to ring up, are you suggesting a free for all for 53000 people to crash the ticket office system .the Watford game only had 2100 allocation,many of my friends failed to get tickets too

Pete May said...

Fair point, but a problem is that a group of say four fans are restricted applying by the person with least points unless they all apply individually. Maybe just set the bar at over eight points for popular away games which would get numbers down a bit? Good to reward loyal fans but also might be good to mix up away fans a bit so it's not always the same people.