Wednesday, January 4

Should West Ham re-sign Jermain Defoe?

The Hammers have just had a £6 million bid for Jermain Defoe knocked back by Sunderland. You can't see Sunderland letting go their main hope of survival, but personally I don't have any objections to re-signing him if it did go through. Defoe annoyed everyone by handing in a transfer request 24 hours after West Ham were relegated in 2003 but has since apologised and explained that he was badly advised by his agent. He was only 20 at the time and we've all made mistakes when we were young. And he wasn't unique among footballers in putting himself before the club.

Indeed, reading Louise Taylor's interview with Defoe in the Guardian he comes across as a much more mature character, who drinks green tea and is tee-total. He's also said that he still loves West Ham as a club, so it could yet happen. He's 34 and not one for the future, but wherever he's been Defoe has scored goals, so it could yet be a small price to pay to keep West Ham in the Premier League. We've wasted more on the loan fees for Zaza and Calleri. The bid certainly marks a change in transfer market tactics; the club has wasted six months looking for an A-list striker but is now after an elderly but proven Premier League scorer.


Andy Brown said...

I use to hate Defoe for putting in his transfer request but we need goals so yes but I'd only go to 7 or maybe 8 m maximum

Pete May said...

Yes, he's only got a year or so left so I'd agree on price.