Monday, March 21

How do we cope with being successful?

It's difficult this business of being near the top of the league. Should we be grateful at getting a point at Chelsea or fuming because an incorrect penalty decision cost WHU two points and kept West Ham out of the top four? Should we be grateful to get a draw at Man United in the FA Cup or fuming that the ref missed Schweinsteiger's push on Randolph, this contributing to our fixture congestion and affecting our Champions League bid. Should we be really annoyed when envious teams like Man United and Chelsea raise their game against Champions League contenders? Should we be targeting the Cup, the Champions League or the Europa League? And is it safe to say we're too good to go down yet? I'm confused, as I guess a lot of fans must be.


Anonymous said...

Im a Hammers fan for 35 years.

I wish to say that we have won nothing yet and while we bask in the current feeling of positivity, we have to be prepared that it can still go pear shape. A lot of things can happen in 8-9 games from now.

If we are to finish 8th without anything to show for, will we (or you) still considered ourselves as successful?

I, for one will only celebrate when we make it to the FA Cup Final and win it!

For now, just subtle bliss without any strong emotions ;)

Pete May said...

Yes, I think all West Ham fans still fear things could yet go wrong. Mind you I'd still regard fifth or sixth as success, though if we went down to eighth or ninth that would be a real disappointment. Man United is still a difficult game in the FA Cup so no foregone conclusions. But with the talent in the side now, think we can give the top five and the Cup a real good go...

Pakhi Tiwari said...

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Frankieboyhammer said...

Personally I've always wanted us to be a team that plays decent football without any thought of going down and capable of winning a cup, that's happened now. Our clubs ambition shouldn't be to 'stay up, no matter how'', the dark days are over and let's enjoy the ride without heaping pressure on the club with too much ambition, I believe the best success is always the kind of success that grows gradually and cements itself more permanent COYI ⚒⚒

Anonymous said...

For me,its the wins at grounds we always loose,the quality of goals we score and west ham winning after playing their part in a great game of football.

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