Tuesday, March 22

Time Lord at the Boleyn Ground

Good to see that West Ham fan Donald Sumpter gets his own picture disc in the new dvd of Doctor Who Series 9. Here is Sumpter as Rassilon, the Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords (he gets banished by Peter Capaldi's Doctor in the series' closer Hell Bent). My pal Michael spotted Donald in the East Stand and had a chat with the thespian Hammer, who proved to be a decent and self-effacing chap. Though sadly he can't go back in time to have a word with Lionel Scaloni in 2006. We once numbered the King of Norway among our fans, but having a President of the Time Lords surely tops that. And for any West Ham Whovians (Whuvians?), more reminisces about Doctor Who, including the time Catherine Tate's Donna told David Tennant she learned to whistle "up West Ham", can be found in my Kindle Single book Whovian Dad: A Doctor Who Fan's Travels Through Time and Space.

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