Tuesday, April 30

Rat trap

Today's papers claim West Ham hope to sign one Radzan Rat from Shakhtar Donetsk. Rat is a 31-year-old  left back and captain of the Romanian national side, so can't be a bad player.

And, of course, Rat would certainly make the headline-writers' life easier. Not since Luis Boa Morte inspired "Boa selector" on the front of Hammer have we had such an animalistic name.

"Rat on board", "Rat trap", "Dirty Rat", "Rat attack", "Rat's life", "Rat catchers", "Rat leaves sinking ship"… the possibilities for the tabloids are endless.


matt said...

They would be even happier if we finally sign the Marseille right back we have been linked with for ages, Rod Fanni.

Pete May said...

He could play with Fanimo and Dicks perhaps?