Monday, April 22

Once bitten, twice why

Wonder if the Luis Suarez bite means it's more likely Liverpool will sell the Dracula-lite striker in the summer and want to keep Andy Carroll? Brendan Rodgers would have to go back on his words, but Sturridge and Carroll might make a good combination and the Liverpool board must surely be wondering why they don't utilise a £35m asset. So Suarez's penchant for human flesh could cost the Hammers too… though I hope not. And anyone remember Jermain Defoe's bite on West Ham's Mascherano back in 2006 resulting in a mere yellow card for the Spurs striker?


Anonymous said...

Luckily Liverpool are reverting to type. Having backed him in the racist row they are now playing lip service by fining him (big deal for a multi millionaire) but say they will hang on him. Anger management seems to be the answer. A joke. It's a bit like Giggs, Terry and co having treatment for sex addiction when in reality they are all just scum. Liverpool's overriding desire to get Champions League football above all else means we are much more likely to have a crack at signing Carroll.
Shame on them. Good for us! Don't even get me on the way they, rightly, remember Hillsborough but have conveniently forgotten Heysel.

Pete May said...

Looks like Rodgers will do anything to keep him now which is alright for us..