Monday, April 8

Kitchen capers

It's not that we're injury prone — but Big Sam Allardyce has injured himself in a fight with his kitchen, reports the Sun. At Anfield Big Sam was sporting four stitches on his brow and a black eye after apparently falling out with a marble worktop. "I'd say the worktop won hands down," quipped Allardyce. Perhaps he was trying to lob something in the mixer with only four minutes left on his oven timer? And let's hope he claimed for a penalty. Kitchens can be dangerous places for footballers. In the 1980s Wimbledon's Dave Beasant famously injured himself by dropping a bottle of salad cream on his foot… Rangers' Kirk Broadfoot was scalded by exploding poached eggs that he was microwaving, Sunderland's Kevin Kyle scalded his testicles heating up hot water for his baby's milk and Barnsley's Darren Bernard managed to injure himself slipping on his new puppy's pool of wee on the kitchen floor.

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