Tuesday, April 16

Fair play for Andy?

Is Sam Allardyce getting his excuses in early for not buying Andy Carroll? Or negotiating a knock-down price through pleading poverty? A day after Carroll said he would consider moving to West Ham Big Sam cited UEFA's new Financial Fair Play regulations as the reason why it might not happen: "Financially you are restricted to be able to do it. So in one fell swoop the financial restrictions mean Andy Carroll can't sign for us from Liverpool because it's too expensive, even if he wanted to. I might not be able to afford Andy Carroll, full stop, even if I wanted him, even if the chairmen wanted him, even if we all wanted him - which we do - it will not be allowed to happen."

Personally, I'd rather see one decent signing rather than several mediocre ones. Yes, turnover has to be related to wages, but if we could move on three relatively moderate earners (Chamakh, Carlton Cole and Maiga may all go) to pay for one player who might make a difference it would surely be worthwhile going for Carroll, with cheaper younger players like Robert Hall as back-up.

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