Sunday, April 28

Cheer up Robert Green?

It would be easy to experience a sense of schadenfreude (whoever he plays for) at QPR's relegation today, complete with one Robert Green.

A year ago Green left for a "new challenge" at QPR and spent most of the season on the bench at what is now a Championship club. He gave West Ham great service during his six years at the club and stayed with us after relegation so we can't be too hard on him.

But even so, as the chant went at Loftus Road, "You should have stayed at a big club!" And so should Bobby Zamora and Anton Ferdinand.


Alex said...

Although Robert Green is 5 years younger, Jussi has been a good replacement. He, like Green, has the odd moment but has had a good season overall. I wonder if,money apart, Green regrets his decision? 'Arry hasn't come out of the QPR debacle that well either.

Anonymous said...

I said at the end of last season that I couldn't understand why,apart from the money, Green would want to leave West Ham and go to QPR to play in another relegation battle.It got worse for him when he couldn't even get a regular game at QPR.
If he's happy on the bench then good luck to him.......Great money for twiddling thumbs!!!

Pete May said...

You're right Alex, Jussi is a comparable replacement and on less wages. Sometimes he doesn't hold on to the ball but his saves have been brilliant for most of the season. And I agree with Anonymous, can't understand why Green went to a smaller club with 18,000 gates. Unless there was behind the scenes stuff we don't know about... but odd he stayed after relegation and then left when we got back to the PL.

mokumhammer said...

Reckon we should sign Júlio César - that'll really rub salt in the Green wound.

Pete May said...

Good idea!