Thursday, August 2

Ginge returns

So we've signed James Collins from Aston Villa for £2.5 million. On the plus side I didn't realise he's still only 28 and we know from his previous spell at West Ham that he's a good player. He had a fantastic game at Old Trafford in the 1-0 Great Escape victory and was playing well before being sold to pay for Diamante. The downside is that most Villa fans appear very pleased to have got rid of him, though internet forums do attend to attract whingers, apart from on this blog, of course, which is full of football connoisseurs. Hopefully Villa's creaking defence last term was more down to injuries and the ageing of Richard Dunne rather than Collins. Martin O'Neill doesn't normally buy bad players and it should be noted that until O'Neill left, Collins was looking a decent player in a top six side. A change of club might give Collins a boost and as competition for Tomkins and Reid he should be a decent signing. And now he's bald rather than Ginger, looking not unlike Valdermort, he should at least frighten opposition forwards.

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