Thursday, August 30

STOP! Hammer Time

Just recorded a podcast with STOP! Hammer Time, the West Ham podcast for lovers of irresponsible speculation, wild theorising and potentially libellous songs about overweight former players. Around the table were fellow Irons' anoraks Phil Whelans, Sam Delaney and Sam's brother Don playing the Bez role by doing the hokey-cokey in the background. The Arsenal podcast team were in the studio before us, presumably recording 30 minutes of librarians saying "quiet please!" On Stop! Hammer Time we spoke about my new e-book Flying So High: West Ham's Cup Finals (download for £1.99) and I possibly convinced the team that we still have a chance of getting the 1923 FA Cup Final replayed. Plus we discussed great Cup Final banners of the past, such as "Bonds eats Rice" and "The Greatest Players in the Land are Captain Billy and his Band. That’s Frank the Lamp, Alan Dev, Paul and Stewart and Tricky Trev." Our 30-minute discussion also covered well hard cockney geezer patwa that sounds a bit camp when said in an American accent, such as phrases like "lovely" and "give him a slap". Oh and it all ended with a request for tales from people who have had sex while watching or listening to West Ham. Blimey. I expect Frank McAvennie has had sex while actually playing for West Ham and Russell Brand must have some tales...

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