Saturday, March 10

Passion is no ordinary word

There's been some negative stuff about the fans in the press since the Watford game. I don't think it's right to ever boo your own side, but generally the crowd has got behind the players even when we've been behind.

Abdoulaye Faye was quoted in the Standard saying that the first misplaced pass against Watford received a groan, but it's very hard to stop that natural reaction from any set of fans. And frankly any negative feelings from the home crowd have been pretty tame compared to the early days of Pardew  and the "Brown out" demos in the Championship.

Reading Jeremy Nicholas's book Mr Moon Has Left the Stadium it's interesting to note that Pards was always surprised when fans had opinions of their own and tended to blame poor Jem for not creating a positive atmosphere.

West Ham fans might be demanding but win them over and you'll be loved forever. If the fans see players giving everything they'll love them; the heroes of the crowd have always been those who've put in a shift and played with passion, such as Billy Bonds, Julian Dicks, Paolo Di Canio, Carlos Tevez and Scott Parker. Having said that let's get behind the team today and hope we can finally win convincingly at the Boleyn.

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