Thursday, March 22

How big Sam could win over the fans

Are we playing badly at home because of the system or underperforming players? If the fans are to get fully behind the side then Allardyce has to change his thinking. Winning ugly away with counterattacking football is one thing, and to give BFS credit the away record is first rate, but at home we have to stop crossing from deep ( Faye's goal was made by Taylor crossing from just over the halfway line, but it isn't going to work all game) and try to get behind teams and cross from the byline.

Dropping Nolan – which I doubt will ever happen — would certainly prove to the fans that he has no favourites. Nolan's scored nine goals without ever contributing much in midfield, and a rest for Kevin would free up Collison/Lansbury/Morrison and Noble in the middle. Cole surely needs a rest too and Carew is at a club too far. If he played Taylor and Faubert or Vaz Te wide and two strikers up front the crowd would be less restless as they'd at least see some attacking intent.

Allardyce is meant to be a pragmatic manager and his system isn't working at home. Is he clever enough to change things? When he arrived he promised hard to-beat football away and turning on the style at home - which so far has yet to happen.


Pav said...

Couldn't have put it better myself mate. I went to the Palace match at the Boleyn and felt like the team needed a change in system after that, and that was 4 home games ago. Going to the Reading saturday next and I'm not one to moan or boo but the penny has to drop soon, surely? I mean, two up front at home from the league favourites start of the season isn't a lot to ask is it?

Anonymous said...

Nolan most be dropped.