Monday, March 12

Home is where the hurt is

Still suffering a Doncaster hangover. Do we have a team that can only counterattack and play away from home? When have we actually played well at home this season? Apart from the early Portsmouth, Leicester, Blackpool and Derby games, we haven't put in an impressive home performance since November. We had a good 20 minutes against Doncaster and a good 20 minutes against Southampton until Taylor went off, but that's it.

Allardyce has certainly made the team more professional and transformed our away record, but most fans only get to see West Ham at home, so it's about time we performed. Big Sam's latest missive says he's been talking to the players about anxiety, but it's a problem Southampton and Reading don't seem to have. Sam also speaks in the programme of a "lack of goal efficiency" which I think is techo-speak for a phrase involving cow's bottoms and banjos.

You also wonder who is the leader on the pitch - Nolan has an impressive goals tally but does he inspire the side when they're struggling? And why when we get a goal do we always seem to ease off? Nurse, the screens.


Phil Nichols said...

Im with you all the way Pete. Our home form has been abysmal all season. It seems like the same pattern each game, where all sides expect their toughest game of the season & as the game wears on, the realisation dawns they could actually win. Yes Allardyce has instilled some defensive discipline & work ethic, but his 'hoof it and hope' brand of football is tediuous beyond belief. I dont think he has a plan B.

Keefyd said...

I am now very worried....

We will be top 6, BUT Watford and Doncaster - I mean, these should have been 6 points!

Where is Carew? Sears?

I am not sure that Maynard can cut it, Cole seems to have gone AWOL and our best "striker" is Kevin Nolan!

Vaz Te could salvage summat, but we have all the firepower presently up front of a handshake from the late Charles Hawtrey.....

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Pete May said...

Charles Hawtrey could probably do a job for us on current form Keefyd! The only good thing is we're not actually losing, but we have no idea against teams that shut up shop. No Plan B as Phil says. Oh for someone getting to the byline and crossing or some one-twos. Have to hope Maynard shows some form and Baldock rediscovers some confidence, though he won't stuck out wide. Cole should be too good for this league but never seems fully fit... maybe Morrison deserves a run as at least he's creative,