Saturday, March 17

Oh Danny boy!

Leeds United 1 West Ham 1

This has to count as a good point at Elland Road thanks to Danny Collins' 90th minute equaliser, even if the Reading and Southampton results went against us. It was Leeds' biggest crowd of the season and it's never an easy place for us to get a result.

Was starting to get that familiar anti-Midas touch feeling when turning on my mobile on the Overground saw it was 0-0 at 83 minutes only to immediately have Leeds take the lead through Bechio's header. It's very rare that WHU ever get anything late out of a game so a pleasant surprise to see the update that Collins had headed (or actually shouldered) home a Noble corner. Collins has had a decent career at Chester, Stoke and Sunderland and Ipswich on loan, and has twice won the fans' player of the year award at Sunderland. He should be capable of doing a job in the Championship.

Looking at the highlights, our best chances fall to Maynard who just overruns the ball and Cole who heads narrowly over. Leeds have a goal disallowed for a slight push and we have a good penalty claim for handball against Brown turned down. Green makes a fantastic flying save too. Nice to see Morrison get a few minutes on the pitch. On the plus side it's eight games unbeaten, on the negative we've drawn five of them.

Back to the old perennial of can we win at home on Tuesday against Boro.


Keefyd said...

Pete, I am now VERY worried......I am not going to accept a play-off place -

why are the forwards simply not doing the business?

Pete May said...

So am I. It all hinges on the strikers getting us some home wins... maybe if we played two up front at home it might make a difference as 4-3-3 doesn't seem to be working.

matt said...

Looks like the Maldon Gold is on me, then....

Also looks like we need to win 8 and draw 1 of our remaining games to ensure automatic promotion - and I've not seen anything recently that makes me think that will happen.

matt said...

In other news, the Leicester game has now been moved to the Monday, meaning I can't now go. I have complained to the club about this. I know they will fob me off by saying it is a Sky decision, but I do strongly believe they should not announce ticket details for away games until they known the game will not be moved. I will let you know what reply I get, if any....

I want to complain about the Leicester game being moved with so little notice. I am a season ticket holder and have already bought train tickets and booked a hotel – that is money I will not get back, as like most supporters I work and so cannot go on the Monday. It is an absolute disgrace that loyal fans get ignored and ripped off in this way, as happened with the Brighton game also this season. You will no doubt tell me this was a decision made by Sky etc, but I strongly believe that you should NOT put the ticket details on the website until you are ABSOLUTELY sure that the game will not be moved. Football cannot keep going on thinking that it can take the loyal fans for granted and screw us over time and time again.

Matthew George

matt said...

Well, Customer Services were very quick to reply and I suppose it is not their fault - yet another reason to hate Murdoch, and also the game's administrators, who allow this to happen. This is why the Government calls football the worst governed sport in the country, and what with Portsmouth, Sir David Richards, Tevezgate etc, that has to be right.

Dear Matthew,

We are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience caused due to the move of the upcoming Leicester fixture.

Unfortunately we cannot anticipate whether Sky will select one of our fixtures for live coverage and therefore are not able to delay when tickets go on sale.

Rest assured we do not take our fans for granted and as always, the club endeavours to communicate with our fans as soon as we receive confirmation.

On behalf of the club we would like to thank you for your continued and loyal support to West Ham United Football Club.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services

Chrissy Brand said...

I'm always happy to blame Murdoch- he should personally reimburse you Matt.

Will be listening to the Middlesbrough match very nervously, or trying to find a bar in Manchester to watch should it be on telly...(even more nervous in that case).

Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave

Pete May said...

Quite agree, Matt. Still haven't got my train ticket refund from Peterborough either, us fans always come last in concerns of clubs.

matt said...

In happier news, Pete, have you seen which Essex club Christian Dailly football genius has signed for? * I feel a joint Hammers/ Essex blogpost would be merited....

* Clue - there's a pier that is so long it has its own railway.