Sunday, January 15

Sticking it up Pompey

Portsmouth 0 West Ham 1

Another good away win thanks to Mark Noble's penalty, won by Winston Reid. Sounds like we missed a lot of chances against ten men after Norris' sending off, with Collison hitting the bar and Nolan slicing wide. Matt was at the game and his verdict was:  "Very poor. Green, Reid and Tomkins did well. Faubert had a nightmare. Cole was isolated and often offside and we passed badly and kept giving away possession."

Still, winning while not playing well is not a bad habit to get into, though as usual Big Sam insists we played some great stuff without finishing it off. If we ever do get it together we'll surely tonk someone.


matt said...

Noble played well, and Diop was good defensively, but gave the ball away too much. Lisa says I was harsh on Faubert, but there was too little end product from hom and Collison, who were supposed to be in a 4-4-3 with Carlton. Our best chances in the past 2 games have been from Reid winning penalties...

We were in with the home fans, which gives a different perspective, and they clearly were not too impressed with us, and especially with the ref. They also had a rude suggestion about what we could do with our bubbles. Although I am not sure it is a physically possible. Still, a win next week over Forest will put is just 1 point behind the 2 a game target. But I think we need 2 decent signings, a goalscorer and a goalmaker, to win automatic promotion.

Pete May said...

We definitely go top if we don't lose to Forest on Saturday as Southampton don't play until Sunday. What could possibly go wrong?
I agree we can't be sure of making the top two without the two signings you mention. And surely Baldock deserves a game, at least as a second half sub?