Sunday, January 8

Concentrating on the league

Sheffield Wed 1 West Ham 0

A predictable defeat for our weakened side in the FA Cup, going down to a late winner. As my late Uncle Arthur used to say, we didn't know if it was Sheffield Wednesday or Shrove Tuesday.

Matt's second half text, written after visiting a Sondheim musical in Sheffield on Saturday night and a metalwork exhibition at the Millennium Gallery today, summed it up: "We are making them look good. Just can not see who will score for us today. Sears and Carew miles off the pace - might as well try Hall, Monty or Noubs." At full time, fortified by drinking Tether in the Red Deer, he comments: "Poor performance esp Carew, Sears and O'Neil with Lansbury v disappointing and Sam's tactics with the subs baffling."

Listening to the second half on Radio London it seems Wednesday missed a couple of sitters in the first half, Baldock had a penalty well saved and Nouble missed an open goal in the 11 minutes of injury time.

Meanwhile Nigel comments "Cup Final breakfast postponed for another year. Looks like I will be getting  my pension first." And Fraser says: "Ah well, it means Sam can concentrate on scraping through in the league with dull 1-0 wins."


TBI said...

When was the last time we went out in both competitions at the first hurdle? very DISAPPOINTED!

Pete May said...

Yes. We normally have at least one cup run and indeed two last season. Mind you, with our smallish squad and 46 games think we did have to play some reserves. Sears missed a header and Baldock hit the post and had a pen saved. Signed Carew a year too late too.

matt said...

The choreography was sublime with everyone in perfect harmony. That was the cast of Sondheim's Company at the Crucible on Saturday night. Sadly, West Ham were off-key the following day, with Carew, Sears and O'Neill hitting all the wrong notes. The latter's career threatening injury last season means he needs more time, but it is hard to see much of a future for the other two now. John Carew, Carew, he's slower than me and you, was as immobile as I have ever seen, and little Freddie's confidence is shot. O='Brien was poor, McCartney showed he's not a centre back, and for someone aspiring to play for Arsenal, Lansbury was bitterly disappointing. Despite the penalty miss, Baldock was easily the most threatening player; Collison and Potts were OK, and although their goal looked a edcent shot to me (it was right at the other end of the ground) Big Sam's reaction suggests the sweary professor will not be seen in the first team again. The only bright spot was the cameo by Robert hall, who looked quick, tricky and nimble, and confident - definitely one to watch. What was baffling was when Carew was finally put out of his, and our, misery, Nouble was stuck on the wing. Montenegro, a winner who is about 5ft 4, went up front with Baldock, who is not much taller, and we continued to play long balls to them. There were 11minutes of added time, but in truth it could the ref could have added 111, we still would not have scored. So a good day for Green, Nolan, Noble, Faubert, Tomkins and Cole. We must improve at Fratton Park on Saturday...

On the plus side, Sheffield is a fine city with many excellent real ale pubs, and the mutual loathing of Sheffield United over Tevezgate meant fans all round the ground singing anti-Blades and Warnock songs...Hours later he was sacked, so something went right.

Pete May said...

Thanks, Matt. Yes, stick Nouble in the middle. We've signed Carew two years too late... Hall sounds promising though.

Nice to hear Neil Warnock blaming everyone but himself for his sacking!