Tuesday, January 24

Harry's 300K

Interesting to note that in the Harry Redknapp court case the Inland Revenue first started investigating him after he received £300,000 from the £18m Rio Ferdinand transfer from West Ham to Leeds in 2000. There's a whole chapter on Harry in Tom Bower's book Broken Dreams, which suggests this £300k was a bonus for "not spending any of the Rio sale money on new players", which always sounded odd, as Harry splurged most of the dosh on the likes of Song, Camara, Soma, Dailly, Todorov, Schemmel and the loan of Diawara. Was it actually a percentage of the Rio fee instead? It would be revealing to hear what West Ham's chairman at the time, Terry Brown, has to say about this, particularly as Redknapp was sacked in mysterious circumstances at the end of the 2000-01 season.

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