Wednesday, January 25

Olympic bid in flames?

Today's Evening Standard reports that the move to the Olympic Stadium is in fresh doubt. West Ham are not going to submit a formal bid by March 23 without improved terms and reassurances on a number of issues, including a say in the redesign, naming rights and the fact that the athletics season gives us only two weeks for a grass football pitch to be prepared. We're also refusing to possibly share with London Wasps on the grounds that rugby would damage the pitch.

It might just be the board playing hardball, but they are right to do that, as West Ham is the only football show in town. We don't have to sell Upton Park and move unless the deal is right.

Interesting too that in the video of David Gold at Saturday's game he said that the seats would be no further away from the pitch than the current gap between the Alpari Stand and the pitch. If we're not offered that then it's time to stay at Upton Park.


ThePirateKing said...

I agree completely.

The previous deal (ie mostly total control) would have been to good to ignore, but if we were just one of many users fighting for space and control, then sadly I think we should stay where we are.

Glad the board are taking a hard line.

Anonymous said...

Yes stuff the stadium and there demands,We wont be a laughing stock for no one about time the board see sense.....COYI

Pete May said...

Well said Pirate King, selling our ground in order to rent with several other tenants doesn't make sense. Owning it would have given us a big asset though.