Thursday, January 20

Silk's purses...

An interesting piece by Hammers fan Martin Samuel in yesterday's Daily Mail on West Ham's close links with agent Barry Silkman. Samuel points out that it was Silkman who revealed we were keeping Avram a day before the official announcement, when he was interviewed on the At The Races channel and revealed that he'd spoken to David on the phone and Avram would "be there for a long time".

Samuel writes: "Everything that is wrong at West Ham is encapsulated in that little freeze frame: an agent revealing the business of the club at a racecourse on a betting channel."

Silkman is agent for Avram Grant, and according to Samuel he was also responsible for bringing West Ham Wayne Bridge on 90k a week and Winston Reid at £3-4 million and is currently offloading Valon Behrami and trying to recruit Demba Ba. Yes, clubs have to deal with agents in this mercenary age, but, asks Samuel, should any one adviser hold such influence?

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