Saturday, January 15

Should he stay or should he go?

You have to feel sorry poor old Avram. I was starting to enjoy his gallows humour. We either have to back him or sack him and in the last two weeks we've done neither. He deserves to be treated with a bit more dignity than this. As he pointed out after the Barnsley game none of the other managers at the bottom have had to endure so many daily rumours about their imminent sacking.

Today's rumour is that Martin O'Neill is coming in after the Arsenal game regardless of results.

O'Neill would be a great appointment.But the Zola saga has been repeated, as a mole at the club has been undermining the manager through a stream of rumours.

It's ironic if Grant does go now. He's lost one in the last seven matches, got us to the brink of a Carling Cup Final and we are now much closer to the clubs above the relegation zone than before the festive fixtures.

It will cost us a few more million to pay him off (on top of Zola and Clarke's compensation) and you hope that Sullivan, Gold and Brady will take some responsibility for appointing him in the first place. If they now think they they got it so wrong then logically there's a strong case for sacking themselves. That won't happen of course, but remember they had a long term legacy in mind and told us all it was a carefully considered appointment.

If they had so much faith in Grant you'd expect them to give him a season at least. But when was football ever logical?


Eddy said...

So true, shame its just dragging on. The chance to sack has gone now as you say.
What is Brady all about ? I dont see her doing anything but shit stirring, I just hope she wasnt getting paid by the club while doing "The Apprentice!"

Pete May said...

And still it drags on...News of the World today cites Brady as the person wanting Grant out.