Monday, January 17

Desperately seeking Martin

Today's Guardian claims West Ham are fighting to placate Martin O'Neill and save the alleged deal to become WHU manager after he was seriously angered by the leaking of his imminent appointment on Saturday morning.

The leaks to the press and the sub-The Thick of It briefings from our mystery mole are becoming increasingly embarrrassing.

Is this any way to run a football club? It cost £1.5 million to sack Zola — plus the club's reputation for fairness through a ridiculous allegation of misconduct — and Grant could cost a further £4 million in compensation if he's fired.

If O'Neill does pull out then we've surely got what we deserved.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree Pete. Everything we feared about this regime is coming back to haunt us now. A total lack of sophistication and any degree of class.

Don't think its an exaggeration to say that this is the worst I can remember feeling about our club. God knows where they'll take us next but hopefully their incompetence will achieve 1 thing in our favour - Spurs end up with the 'white elephant'.

albertrand71 said...

Well not what 'we' as a club deserve. The inept and totally undignified attitudes of the owners of our club do not, in my opinion represent the history, ethos or the fans of my club.
As Julian Dicks has said, they're making a laughing stock of this club. Who in their right mind would want the job, working for a trio of tossers that we have running our club?

matt said...

This morning we are "committed to retaining Avram Grant as manager" so that's alright then. We are also looking to bring in players; taking legal action over the Daily Mirror's allegations against Karen Brady; and will be removing from the club anyone caught leaking....Never a dull moment!