Monday, January 10

Big mouth strikes again? claims that Avram Grant has hit out at Karren Brady over blabbing about Steve Sidwell in her Sun column.

Grant has made the slightly sarcastic comment after Brady revealed in Saturday\s Sun hat the club had pulled the plug on the Sidwell deal because they have too many midfielders: "We (Grant and Brady) don't have a problem, but I speak with the owners. I'm dealing with the owners and that is the most important. Maybe I will have a column in a newspaper and say what I think."

And all is not well inside the Ministry of Magic, for Grant seems to have spotted a mole. He says: "When the rumours are coming from inside the club it doesn't create much stability. Of course I know where the rumours come from and I know there's people trying to hurt the club but if I put my energy on this it's no good."

It all makes the Lib-Lemming-Con Coalition seem united.

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