Thursday, January 27


Shocking, horrible, out of order, wrong, old-fashioned, no place, behavioural problems that need to be attended to… yeah, reconstruction… it shouldn't have happened, it did. It's something I'm enormously upset about, not for myself… but to the far greater watching and listening public. That's wrong.

I apologise unreservedly for suggesting that West Ham might make it to a Wembley final.


matt said...

I apologise for using the lucky pub without a quorum - just hope it does not bring bad karma later in the season. Ditto the lucky Dukla Prague away kit - although that might only count for live games.

And in fairness to you, you picked out the half-fit Carlton Cole, and he played well. It was just the rest of them that played like lame millipedes walking through quicksand.

Gary said...

Cole scored and ran around for an hour but his 1st touch is so bad his 2nd is always a tackle, as for the rest Toms & Green worked hard all night long. Hope Pic & Obina look back on what they have cost us.
Cant say Im looking forward to Forest on Sunday.
Where is BA !!!!

Pete May said...

Felt sorry for Tomkins and Green too, Gary. Yes, if we'd had Piq instead of Hines (who did fairly well in the first half) and then Benni it might have made a difference.

Steve said...

No need to apologise Pete. We all understand. Couldn't reply yesterday as my knuckles were too sore from punching inanimate objects throughout extra time. Oh yes - and most of the second half.
NB I believe Al, Joe, Scott and Roz are going on Sunday so keep your wits about you.
Steve F.