Saturday, May 1

Bidding war

Is this any way to run a football club? Gianfranco Zola has admitted that he knew nothing about West Ham's bid for WBA's Dorrans.

"I just found out in the newspapers. It was quite a surprise," he said. "I know he [Dorrans] is a good player and had a very good season but I didn't know the club was interested in him. He is a good player but I am not prepared to say at the moment whether he would be in my interests for next year.

Zola also remarked about the Club Landlord's latest announcement that everyone's up for sale bar Parker:

"If I was Mark Noble or Robert Green or Valon Behrami I wouldn't be very pleased to hear that [they had been put up for sale]. I didn't know. It is not pleasant. You don't like it but this is the way it goes. I have been surprised so many times this year – so I am not surprised that I am surprised."

The behaviour of the joint chairmen is growing ever more bizarre: Gold saying nice things about Zola and Sullivan undermining him.

If we're getting rid of Zola then do it. And let's have an honest declaration from Sullivan abut whether he wants to be the first chairman in English football to buy and sell players without the aid of a manager.

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