Monday, May 3

When push comes to shove…

Zola has finally lost all patience with Sullivan. The News of the World quotes him as saying:

"I should have a say in players coming in or going out. Of course I should. I am the one who has to coach the players and I need to know who I am coaching. It is incorrect to think I didn't want to be involved in player transfers.

"I did say to the chairman that I don't want to get involved in the financial part of transfers because the money is not my problem. But I want to know if people are coming, I need to know who I'm dealing with. Jesus Christ, I think that's normal."

The man actually used a (mild) expletive. That's worth 57 F words from Peter Reid or Neil Warnock.

For all his faults this season, Zola is right. Sullivan's handling of this is shambolic. Meanwhile the NOTW predicts we're after Slaven Bilic as a replacement

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