Monday, May 10


The latest leaked WHU salary list arrives at Hammers in the Heart Mansions via my very own Deep Throat. They seem plausible to judge by the complaints Sullivan has already made about overpaid players - although the club says it's not genuine.

You can see where Sullivan and Gold might be making considerable savings: according to these figures Zola and Clarke earn a combined salary of £3 million a season.

They'll also be saving 70k a week on the out of contract Boa Morte and 20k a week on Spector, who is also said to be out of contract, and 20k a week each on the on-loan Franco and Ilan.

And you imagine the contracted players they'll try to shift include Dyer on 70k a week, Upson on 70k a week, Gabbidon on 50k, Faubert on 30k and, unfortunately, Diamanti on 30k.

The leaked figures — which might be completely wrong — also suggest that the Academy lads like Tomkins (4k a week), Collison (2k) and Stanislas (£400 a week) are underpaid compared to the big signings.

Still, at least Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling should be available soon to sort it out.

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